Sunday, February 28, 2010

365::55 - oh that cat

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My mini USA Flag that I was waving during the Hockey Gold Medal Match.


JUJU Fish!


The snow that crept up on our front screen door on Friday due to the wind.


My new bowling ball, Storm Invasion. (Hopefully it has a lot of strikes in it!)


Cell phone picture of the Private Road.


Replica of the 1938 Philadelphia Phillies logo


A cleaning duck


Stacey's decorated cupcakes



365::54 - night snow

I don't think I will ever get tired of taking these night snow pictures.

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365::53 - we missed this

When we cancelled our cable and went with tv over the air, we went up to three PBS stations (AWESOME), but we lost NBC 'cause the signal wasn't coming through. However, with the help of a new antenna from my aunt Barb (thank you!) and a closer tower, we now receive NBC--just in time for the Olympics!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

365::52 - making music together

Our church had a "Cabaret" event, where many members performed musical numbers.

(This photo looked better on the LCD screen on my camera...)

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365::51 - no imagination


365::50 - relax

This has been Eric's favorite word lately. He keeps trying to convince our rambunctious cat to relax. Good luck with that, killer.

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365::49 - what do you long for?

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365::48 - color my world

I liked the way the snow looked on the prayer flags on our porch.

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365::47 - poetry in my life

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365::46 - sweet dreams

My sweet husband brought me this giant cookie. He's great.

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365::45 - on the road

I enjoy taking pictures from the car. I don't always succeed at getting fantastic shots, but I'm sometimes really inspired by the constantly changing scenery and angles and perspectives.

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365::44 - friends are friends forever

Eric and I went to spend the weekend with some of my friends from college (and their husbands and kids). These ladies are some of the ones who made my college experience great. I learned a lot from them, and they took care of me, and they made me laugh. It was wonderful to spend time with them and to know that we can more or less pick up where we left off, even though our lives are so much different now than they were then.

(Since we went to a Christian college, I had to put in the cheesy Michael W. Smith lyric, since most of us had been subjected to that song at camp or youth group.)

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365::43 - your heart knows

We went on a road trip to central Pennsylvania to spend the weekend with some of my friends from college. On our way we stopped at a Love's gas station, and I tried to soften the garishness of their lights through the salt-stained windshield of our car.

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365::42 - I got my camera back!

I got my camera back from being repaired--awesome! I had missed it. It's so much happier now--hopefully we won't be having as many fights now. I have to give a lot of credit to the Canon repair service--they had it fixed time for me to take it along on our trip to spend a weekend with some of my friends from college.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

116.365 (The Barn)

It snowed today, so I decided to take a photo excursion. I thoroughly enjoy using Polaroid Viva film with my Square Shooter 2 camera. It provides an even more vintage feel to the barn.

115.365 (Old Glory)

(Tuesday, 23 February 2010) Decided to take some photos of the flag before I took it down for the night.

114.365 (Ode to Curling)

(Monday, 22 February 2010)
Made some “stone” cupcakes for the curling party yesterday. Obviously I've been watching too much curling lately.

113.365 (Future Skip)

(Sunday, 21 February 2010)
Went to a curling party tonight. This is Ethan. He got some sweeping practice in while watching the match. He’ll make an awesome skip someday.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

8//52 (Trainspotting)

(Saturday, 20 February 2010)
Didn’t plan on doing any trainspotting today, but this freight train caught my eye on my way home from Oneonta.

112.365 (A Gray Day)

(Saturday, 20 February 2010)
Had a meeting this morning at First UMC Oneonta. I could spend hours photographing this beautiful church

111.365 (Nineteenth)

(Friday, 19 February 2010)
Not feeling very inspired today, so shot the first thing I saw--the calendar hanging over my computer.

110.365 (Mounted Mountie)

(Thursday, 18 February 2010)
I love kitschy gifts.

109.365 (Cassette)

(Wednesday, 17 February 2010)
I recently came across this old cassette tape that my friends Jess Hibbard and Jody made.

Friday, February 19, 2010


An icicle that formed outside my apartment. (Feb 18 2010)


Ommegang Brewery Glass (Feb 17 2010)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

108.365 (Testing the Colorpack IV)

108.365 (Testing the Colorpack IV)
(Tuesday, February 16, 2010) Two “new” Polaroid cameras arrived in the mail today. Cleaned the Colorpack IV, put some fresh batteries in it, and fired off a test shot with FujiFilm FP-100C. Here’s the positive image, the negative image, and the camera. As soon as I find the proper battery, the other camera—a Land 230—should operable too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The snowfall this morning on my car. (Feb 16 2010)


Boots cuddling up with Stacey. Edited w/Picasa (Feb 15 2010)


The flowers Stacey got for Valentines Day. Edited w/Picasa. (Feb 14 2010)

365-67 & 365-68

I forgot to take a photo on February 12th so here are two photos from the 13th. This top one is of shoe prints of Stacey's foot and my foot. The bottom is of the trees lining William Law Rd up at Sky Lake.


The barn at Sky Lake. Edited w/Picasa. (Feb 11 2010)


Our biggest snowfall of the year so far last Wednesday. (Feb 10 2010)


Stacey & Chubbs, and my fingers...(Feb 9 2010)

365-62 & 365-63

I forgot to take a picture on February 7th, so I am posting two photos from February 8th. The top picture is my baseball glove and a ball. (Edited w/Picasa)
The bottom picture is of the trees outside my apartment, last Monday was a brilliantly sunny day, so I had to take advantage of that.

Monday, February 15, 2010

107.365 (Hat-trick Hunter)

107.365 (Hat-trick Hunter)
(Monday, February 15, 2010) I received this little guy for my birthday a few years ago. Thought I’d feature him as a tribute to the XXI Winter Olympics currently being held in Vancouver.

106.365 (Love)

106.365 (Love)
(Sunday, February 14, 2010) In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, here’s “love” in several languages.

7//52 & 105.365 (Recycle)

7//52 & 105.365 (Recycle)
(Saturday, February 13, 2010) This is the newest addition to Sky Lake—a recycling shed made out of wood from naturally-felled trees on the property. It was built in memory of one of our long-time supporters, who had a great passion for stewardship of the land and instilled the same in her children and grandchildren.

104.365 (Polaroids Going Up)

104.365 (Polaroids Going Up)
(Friday, February 12, 2010) Decided to make use of the nails lining the walls of my staircase by hanging some of my Polaroids.

365::41 - love love love

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