Saturday, July 31, 2010

272.365 (Staff Reception)

(Friday, 30 July 2010) It’s tradition for our paid summer staff to dress up and go out for dinner together. This year we decided to stay at Sky Lake and have hors d'oeuvres on the boathouse.

271.365 (Sponge Toss)

(Thursday, 29 July 2010) Nancy and Barb direct one of our special needs camps here at Sky Lake. They were good sports and allowed campers to toss wet sponges at them during game night.

270.365 (Garlic Braid)

(Wednesday, 28 July 2010) We started picking our first garlic crop here at camp. Eileen was especially proud of her first attempt at braiding some of the garlic!

269.365 (Under the Weather)

(Tuesday, 27 July 2010) Felt a chest cold coming on, so I broke out the Zicam…

268.365 (Driveway Sunset)

(Monday, 26 July 2010) On my way to take some photos around camp I stopped for a couple moments to enjoy the sunset. Moments like these that make living in the country so enjoyable!

267.365 (Chasing Geese)

(Sunday, 25 July 2010) While they are Canada Geese are beautiful birds, they also happen to be prolific poopers. Needless to say, we’ve done a lot of chasing of Canada Geese this summer at camp.

266.365 (Binghamton Photo Walk 18)

(Saturday, 24 July 2010) Christ Episcopal Church reflected in a window of the Federal Court Building (formerly the Binghamton Post Office). Taken while on the Third Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in Binghamton, New York.

30//52 (Binghamton Photo Walk P01)

(Saturday, 24 July 2010) Took part in the Third Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in Binghamton, New York. We met at the old Lackawanna Train Station.

Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera
Polaroid Artistic Time Zero film from The Impossible Project

Saturday, July 24, 2010

265.365 (Playing in the Puddle)

(Friday, 23 July 2010) My friend’s 13-month-old son, Ethan, wasted no time in finding this mud puddle!

264.365 (Mancala)

264.365 (Mancala)
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(Thursday, 22 July 2010) I purchased this mancala set from a woman who raises money for various missions in Zimbabwe by selling items from various Zimbabwean artisans.

263.365 (Bounty)

263.365 (Bounty)
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(Wednesday, 21 July 2010) Some of the first bounty from our gardens here at camp.

262.365 (Full Bloom)

(Tuesday, 20 July 2010) A day later and the sunflower is in full bloom.

261.365 (Sunflower)

(Monday, 19 July 2010) Noticed this random sunflower growing beneath my birdfeeders.

260.365 (Campfire)

260.365 (Campfire)
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(Sunday, 18 July 2010) A Sunday night tradition here at camp.

29//52 (Placeholder)

(Saturday, 17 July 2010) One of the cool little placeholders for guests at Colin and Dianne’s wedding reception.

259.365 (Exchanging Rings)

(Saturday, 17 July 2010) My cousin, Dianne, and my friend, Colin, exchanging rings during their wedding service.

258.365 (The Patio)

(Friday, 16 July 2010) I took several photos today—only none that didn’t include campers. So, I’m posting a recent photo I took of the patio on the East Shore here at camp. This was the site of our first outdoor Music Camp concert tonight.

257.365 (Butterfly Bush)

(Thursday, 15 July 2010) Outside Founders’ Lodge here at camp.

256.365 (Napping Gnome)

(Wednesday, 14 July 2010) One of the garden gnomes our volunteer gardener brought to decorate the gardens.

255.365 (Cricket)

255.365 (Cricket)
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(Tuesday, 13 July 2010) We played games from around the world tonight at camp—including a modified version of cricket (so as to not end up with a game that might last for days…)

254.365 (The Bubble)

(Monday, 12 July 2010) A bubble on the juice machine in Founders’ Lodge, which a few campers thought I should photograph. Who am I to let campers down?

253.365 (Compostable)

(Sunday, 11 July 2010) We’ve started using compostable cups, plates, bowls, and flatware at camp when using the real stuff isn’t feasible.

28//52 (French Horn II)

(Saturday, 10 July 2010) I break out my French Horn once a year for Music Camp.

252.365 (French Horn I)

(Saturday, 10 July 2010) I break out my French Horn once a year for Music Camp.

251.365 (The Flight of the Herons)

(Friday, 9 July 2010) A couple of our resident Great Blue Herons taking an evening flight around camp.

250.365 (Hurry)

250.365 (Hurry)
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(Thursday, 8 July 2010) Colin’s two. Just about everything captivates his imagination.

249.365 (Composting)

(Wednesday, 7 July 2010) The instructor of the master composter class I took this spring came to visit our set-up today. He was thoroughly impressed.

248.365 (Heat Wave)

(Tuesday, 6 July 2010) We’ve been having a heat wave the last few days here in Upstate New York.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

247.365 (General Hospital)

(Monday, 5 July 2010) Thought it would be cool to take a photo of the hospital in which I was born some 33 years ago today!

246.365 (Fourth of July)

(Sunday, 4 July 2010) Enjoying the neighbors’ firework display.

245.365 (Starlight)

(Saturday, 3 July 2010) The stars were brilliant tonight, so tried some long exposures overlooking the lake.

27//52 (Roadside Flower)

(Saturday, 3 July 2010) My SX-70 was begging to be used again… This batch of wildflowers made the perfect subject.

244.365 (Moonset)

244.365 (Moonset)
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(Friday, 2 July 2010) It’s always cool to see the moon during the daytime.

243.365 (Canada Day)

(Thursday, 1 July 2010) We flew the Maple Leaf in honour of Canada Day. Overhead a seven-year-old camper ask another camper, “are we in Canada now?”

242.365 (Yellow-bellied Sapsucker)

(Wednesday, 30 June 2010) This yellow-bellied sapsucker loves one of the trees outside my office.

241.365 (Hunger)

241.365 (Hunger)
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(Tuesday, 29 June 2010) There was a nest full of baby birds in the rafters of our ore house. My identification skills are not the best, but I’m thinking these might be phoebes.

240.365 (Bonding Time)

(Monday, 28 June 2010) One of our camp nurses, Judy, enjoying a visit from her granddaughter.

239.365 (And We're Off)

(Sunday, 27 June 2010) Our first session of camp started today. Tried my hand at capturing campers heading to their cabins at bedtime.

238.365 (A New Computer)

(Saturday, 26 June 2010) Unpacked the new computer that arrived this week. Unfortunately I spent twenty minutes on the phone with Dell trying to figure out why the monitor stand wouldn’t budge. Finally figured it out, though.

26//52 (Saturday Footwear)

(Saturday, 26 June 2010) We have a closed-toe shoe policy at camp, so Saturdays are about the only time I ever wear flip-flops or sandals.

237.365 (Mini Golfing)

(Friday, 25 June 2010) Went mini golfing with a bunch of the staff after we finished up our training. Liz took the game very seriously.

236.365 (Approaching Storm)

(Thursday, 24 June 2010) It was hot. I let the staff go swimming. Fortunately they enjoyed about 45 minutes at the waterfront before a thunderstorm rolled in.

235.365 (Wonderland)

(Wednesday, 23 June 2010) We took some time to work on our new vegetable gardens during training. These mushrooms were nearby and about ten staff told me I should get a picture of them. I did.

234.365 (Training)

234.365 (Training)
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(Tuesday, 22 June 2010) Staff discussing something profound I’m sure.

233.365 (The Essentials)

(Monday, 21 June 2010) Got so busy leading training I almost forgot to take a picture today. No self-respecting staff training would be complete without a few packs of Crayola markers!

232.365 (Tip It)

232.365 (Tip It)
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(Sunday, 20 June 2010) Our paid summer staff arrived for a week of training. A game of Tip It got us started on the right foot.

231.365 (John's Ordination)

(Saturday, 19 June 2010) My friend, John, was one of those ordained an Elder in the United Methodist Church by Bishop Marcus Matthews as part of the Uniting Conference.

25//52 (Friends)

25//52 (Friends)
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(Saturday, 19 June 2010) I spent most of the day photographing the Uniting Conference of the Upper New York Annual Conference. (I only took 1802 photographs…) My friends, Amy and Sara, were next to each other in the procession of clergy leading into ordination.

230.365 (Casowasco Sunset)

(Friday, 18 June 2010) The six United Methodist camps in Upstate New York were asked to care for hospitality for the Uniting Conference of the Upper New York Annual Conference. Camp Casowasco hosted a bunch of us Friday night so we didn’t have to travel as far early Saturday morning.

229.365 (B.C. Bling)

(Thursday, 17 June 2010) Johnny Hart, the creator of the comic strips B.C. and Wizard of Id, lived in the Greater Binghamton Area. A bunch of dinosaurs based on his work were decorated by local artists and recently installed all over downtown Binghamton. This one is outside an old bank, now the local offices for Merrill Lynch.