Sunday, October 30, 2011

337 - corn and sun

337 - corn and sun by .reid.
337 - corn and sun, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Eric and I visited his uncle's farm (Stoughton Farm) today--the last weekend day of their corn maze. It was a beautiful afternoon, but as soon as that sun went behind the hill, it got CHILLY!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

336 - back yard

336 - back yard by .reid.
336 - back yard, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Well, I was hoping for a little more snow than this, but I'll take what I can get!

Friday, October 28, 2011

335 - cat shadow

335 - cat shadow by .reid.
335 - cat shadow, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

I was off work today 'cause I work tomorrow, and it was nice because I got to be home to enjoy the way that the afternoon sun came into the house.

I have to say, though, that I'm pretty excited about the forecast of a couple of inches of snow tomorrow! I hope that tomorrow's photo will include some white, fluffy flakes.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

334 - simple

334 - simple by .reid.
334 - simple, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

If only love were always simple.

I feel so grateful that I have relatively uncomplicated relationships with my husband and other family members and friends.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

333 - my feet

333 - my feet by .reid.
333 - my feet, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Just a boring evening at home.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

332 - burned out

332 - burned out by .reid.
332 - burned out, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Sometimes I feel like this, but I've been lucky lately!

331 - evening snack

331 - evening snack by .reid.
331 - evening snack, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

330 - autumn sunset

330 - autumn sunset by .reid.
330 - autumn sunset, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

The sun was shining this afternoon, so I figured that I'd better catch it before it's gone.

329 - awesome ladies

329 - awesome ladies by .reid.
329 - awesome ladies, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

My mom and my sister came to visit this weekend. It was great to spend time with them. I wish we didn't all live so far apart!

Friday, October 21, 2011

328 - sweeping

328 - sweeping by .reid.
328 - sweeping, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

I did some cleaning this evening in preparation for a visit from my mom and sister. Although, as my dad said, "they're not too picky," so I didn't NEED to clean for them, it's good to have an excuse to do some housework that usually gets put off.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

327 - diner

327 - diner by .reid.
327 - diner, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

326 - ghostly fern

326 - ghostly fern by .reid.
326 - ghostly fern, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

I was just playing around with zooming during long exposures...I didn't expect this effect, but I kind of like it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

325 - put a little love in your heart

This song popped into my head while I was folding clothes.

Monday, October 17, 2011

324 - ice cream

324 - ice cream by .reid.
324 - ice cream, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Guys, ice cream is pretty important to me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

323 - fistful of dessert

323 - fistful of dessert by .reid.
323 - fistful of dessert, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Eric and I participate in a CSA (community supported agriculture), and we've been getting a pile of vegetables each Tuesday this summer and into the fall. The growing season is mostly over now, though, and the farmers had a party for all of the CSA members this afternoon. It was a potluck, so you can imagine that there was a great variety of wonderful food available.

Eric went to get us some dessert, and when he came back, he said, "Take a picture of this!" Those desserts were delicious.

I've discovered that when Eric encourages me [bluntly tells me] to take a shot of something, he's often exactly right. (See this example.) I'm excited that he's taking more photos of his own, now that he's got an iPhone.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

322 - broken

322 - broken by .reid.
322 - broken, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

I didn't realize how easily it would break until I lost my grip and let it fall.

321 - love (Alex and Erin)

321 - love (Alex and Erin) by .reid.
321 - love (Alex and Erin), a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Our friends Alex and Erin got married. I loved that their feet were bare as they started out on the next piece of their journey together.

320 - sweater flower

320 - sweater flower by .reid.
320 - sweater flower, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

We went thrift store shopping, and the sweaters were out in full force. There were some ridiculously amazing blinged-out holiday sweaters, but I settled on this slightly stodgy librarian-type sweater.

319 - driving in the rain

319 - driving in the rain by .reid.
319 - driving in the rain, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

There's just something lovely to me about the way that the rain catches light. It makes me love stop lights and headlights and streetlights more.

318 - night glow

318 - night glow by .reid.
318 - night glow, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

I notice the side yard more now that we're using the back door instead of the front.

317 - annoyed at the camera

317 - annoyed at the camera by .reid.
317 - annoyed at the camera, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

I think she wishes that I'd put down the darn thing and play with her.

316 - birch and fog

316 - birch and fog by .reid.
316 - birch and fog, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Driving back from Cooperstown the morning after the wedding, we encountered a bunch of fog. It was gorgeous.

315 - love (Rachel and Dan)

315 - love (Rachel and Dan) by .reid.
315 - love (Rachel and Dan), a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Our friends got married outside on the most beautiful day this fall. It was incredible. They're going to have so much fun being married!

314 - parkway sunset

314 - parkway sunset by .reid.
314 - parkway sunset, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

The good thing about having to take a trip to Target was getting to see this sky.

313 - comfy cat

313 - comfy cat by .reid.
313 - comfy cat, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Some days Natalie seems like the only interesting thing worth taking a picture of.

312 - heat

312 - heat by .reid.
312 - heat, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

While we're without a furnace, we have some space heaters around to keep us warm and toasty.

311 - night train

311 - night train by .reid.
311 - night train, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Yes, sometimes the train does seem spooky at night.

(Most of the time, though, it's friendly enough.)

310 - sprinkles

310 - sprinkles by .reid.
310 - sprinkles, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

Here's what you get when you fool around with the light on your bedside table because you waited 'til too late at night to be inspired by anything real....

309 - adding apples

309 - adding apples by .reid.
309 - adding apples, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

At the Fall Festival at Sky Lake, there was a demonstration of making apple cider. The kids got a kick out of putting apples into the grinder. This is our friends' little boy.

308 - cozy

308 - cozy by .reid.
308 - cozy, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

While we're waiting for a new furnace, we have to bundle up on these chilly fall evenings.

307 - I was a high school senior once

I scanned some of my photos from high school and college. This one is from my senior year of high school.

306 - book piles

306 - book piles by .reid.
306 - book piles, a photo by .reid. on Flickr.

When we clean up hastily (as is often the case when company is coming), we end up with lots of piles.