Saturday, January 23, 2010

365::22 - I just love to see you smile

My Christmas gift from Eric arrived on Friday. I had been waiting for it very [im]patiently.

There's this musician that Eric loves--Jonah Matranga--and he will do original recordings. There's a Jonah song that I love called "Smile"--it's just so happy and light and celebratory of love and joy. Eric got Jonah to record a version of that song for me. So awesome.

The song has a robot sound effect in the background, which is silly and fun, and that's why the title of this record is Ro(mance)bot.

Here's the chorus of the song:
So put it up on your face, Hallelujah
And these days will all go by
Anything I can do to help you through it
I just love to see you smile

I've got a fantastic husband. The end.


Penny Reid said...


I LOVE YOU said...


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