Saturday, February 28, 2009

Macro Saturday

We began learning about exposure techniques in our photography class the other night. Part of each class is reserved for sharing (Sarah’s match photo and mine of the moon totally rocked the class!) As each photo is shared, our instructor takes the opportunity to teach us more about technique and composition. One of our classmates shared an awesome picture she had taken of a casserole and mentioned that she had found instructions online on how to build a $10 macro studio.

I found the instructions this morning and built my own studio for zero dollars this afternoon using: a box that I had in the garage; tissue paper from my wrapping supplies; shipping tape; and poster board I had on hand. I then proceeded to fool around with aperture and shutter speed settings—putting to use my new found knowledge on how to use the built-in light meter! The above photo is of my dad’s newly acquired Varley locomotive dating from the 1950s.

And here’s a picture of my very own macro studio:

Not the most esthetically pleasing creation, but it does the trick…

Link: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio

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