Wednesday, February 18, 2009

365:44 - College Friends

Here are Janae and Katie and Jess, friends that I made while I was at college. These girls mean a whole lot to me.

Katie and Janae lived next door to me my freshman year and helped to keep me sane during my transition to living away from home. Jess and her roommate Heidi took me with them to Florida for spring break during the roughest semester of my entire college career.

But besides those things, I just always genuinely enjoyed spending time with them! They made me laugh and think and strengthen my faith. They are just fantastic women!

As I spent time with them (and with Beth and husbands) this weekend, it reminded me how lucky I am to know these people. I need to keep in better touch with them!!

PS - Janae deliberately made that face for the camera...I'm not trying to make her look bad!

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