Thursday, February 12, 2009

365:40 - Random Things

In our apartment, there is a ledge above the stairs that's about two or three inches wide. The only thing that it's good for is holding little knick-knacks.

Here's what they are--left to right:
1. Shell from our friends Liz and Matthew's wedding--once held handmade soap, but we used it.
2. "Oh my goodness" rock--a gift from my friend Dan--one of the best guys in the world--I've had this rock for over ten years!
3. Card that Eric brought me from a trip to New York City--he liked the photo and knew I would, too.
4. Tree made of straw brought to me from Africa by my friend Liz.
5. Antique ice cream box with my last name--says "Reid's Special Ice Cream"--hmm...what made it so "special"?
6. Wooden giraffe also brought to me from Africa by my friend Liz.
7. Clay painted art given to me by a middle school friend named Amy--she brought it back from Columbia.

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