Saturday, June 26, 2010

it's over.

After missing a fourth day in my 2010 Project 365, I've decided that I'm going to stop. I feel sort of bad about it--I don't like to quit things when people are paying attention, you know?

At the same time, though, I realize that if I've missed four times as many days in just half of the time that I did last year's project, I must be getting weary. Apparently, taking an interesting picture every day for two years in a row isn't going to work out for me.

But I am not tired of taking pictures, so if you're enjoying looking at my stuff, don't worry--I'll still be adding things.

Plus, I have a new project idea in mind...more on that once I actually start in on it.

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1 comment:

Bhupesh said...

If you have decided something, stick with it.
BTW nice shot