Tuesday, June 1, 2010

365::144 - dead

This used to be a mouse made out of felt. It's Natalie's favorite toy. She plays with other toys, but this is the one that she loves, the one that she carries around, the one that we find next to the bed in the morning.

When we moved, Eric said that this ratty piece of dead fluff wouldn't come to our new house. Natalie must have heard him, and she put the mouse in our bed, so when I pulled the sheets and blankets off, it got tangled up in the shuffle and ended up at our new house.

The thing is deteriorating into bits of stuffing strewn around the place, but it's still her favorite toy. What a character.

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Qiao said...

RIP Felt Mouse.

AbhishekKr said...

i don't know if you took it this way... I could feel a half decayed skull too... if it didn't came by itself then real nice moulding