Sunday, December 27, 2009

365:352 - Shed

Believe it or not, this little shed used to be a treehouse. My dad, never doing anything halfway, built this sturdy treehouse for my sister and me when we were in elementary school. It was complete with real windows, doors, and bunkbeds. We spent many summer days playing in the treehouse, and we slept in it with our friends on lots of occasions, as well. I remember jumping from the treehouse porch into giant drifts of snow, and I remember a friend who got nervous about being up so high, so her mom had to rescue her when she was ready to come down.

While Christie and I were in college (I think), one of the four trees that helped to support the treehouse died, meaning that it needed to come down. My clever father engineered the situation so that he could lower the building to the ground without taking it apart. Now in addition to holding a bunch of memories, the little shed holds the lawnmower and other yard tools.

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