Tuesday, December 8, 2009

365:330 - Uncle Bill

This is my uncle Bill. We have the same birthday--I turned 21 the same year he turned 50. He's a good, hard-working man. He struggles with health problems, and there are many days when he's in pain or just feeling rotten. This Thanksgiving, however, he must have been feeling good--he spent a good part of the day with the whole family, cracking jokes and making us all laugh. It meant a lot to me to see him feeling upbeat and to have this time together with family that I don't see very often.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

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Corey said...

This is a really awesome picture! You have a knack for catching people with the most telling expressions. I love it!

Penny Reid said...

I love this and I think Uncle Bill will, too. Wonder if he checks out your blog?

Dawesome said...

The odds that your Uncle Bill checks your blog are about as likely that your Aunt Barbara would join facebook... oh wait...

You also neglected to mention that this man grows corn.