Friday, April 10, 2009


Our friends at the
Park Terrace Community United Methodist Church held their annual Good Friday Art Show this afternoon and evening. The theme for this year was “It is Finished”, based upon the lectionary reading for this day: John 18:1-19:42. The above was my submission to the show. Here’s the statement that accompanied it:

“The roll of film in a single lens reflex camera captures for me the essence of what those standing at the base of the cross must have been feeling when Christ uttered those final words: ‘It is finished.’ Like those disciples, someone who has never used an analog camera would not necessarily know what to expect when the final frame is exposed and the film rewound—even if they have been told repeatedly. Perhaps it is the end. Perhaps.

“Yet, those who have taken a completed roll of film to a lab know that through an intensive process something new and glorious comes from it. So it is with Christ—the cross is not the end.”

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Sarah said...

nice photo and description...