Saturday, January 10, 2009

365:10 - Electric Pole in the Snow

365:10 - Electric Pole in the Snow

It's snowing here...or at least it was earlier this evening. I love the snow. It's amazing to me how long it takes Binghamton to clean up its roads, but I was happy to tromp around taking pictures without having to worry about much traffic.

I often struggle with electric wires...they seem to mar most landscapes. I realized, though, that if I tried to take cool pictures of the wires and the poles themselves, maybe I'd learn to appreciate a little of their aesthetic value. I do like this photo.

photo taken 10 January 2009
edited with Picnik


Penny Reid said...

Is this for real or did you edit it??

Sarah said...

It's for real--the only edits I did were to play with the colors.

Anonymous said...

I love it - looks like something in a cartoon or children's book
Mom Y