Wednesday, February 16, 2011

081 - t-shirts

081 - t-shirts

Here are Eric and I in a couple of our left-leaning t-shirts.

In discussions, I don't always offer up what I believe--sometimes because I don't want to get too involved in the discussion and sometimes because I feel like my arguments won't stand up against those of the other person/people.

Mostly, I believe that if people would listen to each other and know that no person is worth more or less than another person--if we didn't feel the need to be right all the time--if we could have respect for our earth and the people in it--then the world would work the way it's supposed to.

I read this over again, and it sounds so generic. I guess I'm not very clever at expressing myself. All I know is that I need to treat those around me with respect and patience, and I need to use as little of the earth's resources as I can. I'm not always good at those things, but I do need to try.

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