Thursday, July 30, 2009

365:200 - Sweet to Be Together

This summer we've had the chance to spend more time with friends and family. After being so far away last year, this feels like a real treat.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

365:199 - Chenango River Promenade

Matt, Stacy, Brookye and I participated in the Binghamton portion of the Worldwide Photo Walk on Saturday evening. This tunnel is located in Confluence Park in Binghamton, near where the Chenango and Susquehanna Rivers come together.

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365:198 - Matt and the Choir

Matt is the program director for Sky Lake, and he's also the director of Music Camp. He's really good at both things (and he's also good at photography). Here he is talking to the audience at Music Camp's concert.

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365:197 - Reanna

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365:196 - ID Badge

Monday I started work at the library, and Wednesday I got my county ID badge, which lets me into the library before it opens. I am really excited for this new job. I'm so happy to be back in a library--I really and truly missed being a librarian. This position is different from my previous position as a children's librarian, so it will really force me to grow and learn new things!

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365:195 - Simple Shoes

Here's Eric's foot up on our porch railing. He's got on his Simple shoes, made by a company that uses recycled materials to make shoes.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

365:194 - Sunset

I snapped this as Eric and I were driving west on Route 17.

365:193 - Motorcycle Ride

While my sister was staying with my parents, I went down and stayed the night and went to church with them, too. As I left church, I was stopped at the intersection because there was a giant parade of motorcycles going by. I learned later that it was a benefit for a young lady who is ill.

None of my pictures came out particularly well, but I cropped this one to try to make it seem to show the long road ahead.

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365:192 - Feeding Goats

My sister and her husband came up for the weekend, and since she loves animals so much, she wanted to visit Binghamton's Ross Park Zoo. As soon as we walked in, there was the opportunity to feed the goats, so of course they took the chance to do so!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

365:191 - 95% Recycled

This is a close-up of the tag on my new camera bag. It's made of 95% recycled materials--specifically recycled water bottles. I love it.

365:190 - Pillars

It was hot inside the laundromat, so I decided to sit out on the steps while I was waiting for things to get done, and I happened to notice the pillars on the porch of the little shopping plaza next door.

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365:189 - Ask Me About It

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

365:188 - Abby

Our friend Abby has been in the neighborhood while she's been on break from her teaching job, and it's been fantastic to get to spend some time with her!

365:187 - Cold Medicine

I have spent a lot of time with these little red sudafed-ish pills during the past ten days. Ugh.

365:186 - Packing Day

Sunday was the day before Eric's mom Linda's move to Kentucky. A bunch of family and friends descended upon her apartment to move her things into the U-Haul truck. We packed it in record time and were able to hang out and visit for a while before heading home.

365:185 - Stone Angel

We wandered around Owego for a while on Saturday, and we stopped into the art gallery on Lake Street. One of the pieces on display was a photo of Owego that had been taken from a very high-up place, and I asked Eric where it had been taken from. He replied that it was probably from the cemetery on the hill, and he suggested that we visit there.

The view from the cemetery was pretty amazing, but I saw this angel near one of the gravestones, and I had to take some shots of her.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

365:183 - Peggy and Scott

This is from the talent show at the camp that Eric and I helped with - a camp for people with disabilities. Peggy was one of the campers, and Scott was a counselor who helped her play some percussion for the talent show. What I like about this shot is the look that's passing between the two, showing that they care for each other but also that they both enjoy making music.

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365:182 - Towel

Although we got to stay in some of the more luxurious accommodations at camp, it didn't stop the pervasive dampness and the towels hung everywhere to dry.

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365:181 - Computer Glow

Sick at home, I spent a lot of time with the computer on Tuesday.

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365:180 - Dreary Day

This is pretty much how I felt on Monday. I had to come home from camp to go to the doctor 'cause I was sicker than I'd been in several months.

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