Sunday, November 28, 2010

001 - boots

001 - boots

I stopped my 2010 Project 365 in June after having missed four days in less than six months. After a successful first try at the Project 365, I had added a new element into it (magnetic poetry), which I loved, but which added another step into the process, and I think that ultimately that was my downfall.

At first it was kind of a relief not to take photos every day. Then I started to miss it. Then Thanksgiving came and went without me taking a single photo. Then it hit me that I need the discipline of taking a picture every day....I need to be held accountable.

So here we go again! I have no grand ambitions this time around--I just don't want to lose the practice of creativity. I want to capture the moments and the stories.

This photo is my sweet husband Eric getting ready to head out to take care of the chores while his dairy farmer father is out of town.

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