Saturday, May 1, 2010

168-181.365 (Playing Catch Up)

I was so far behind in updates, thought I’d do one large post. Enjoy!

168.365 (Shivering Tree)

(Saturday, 17 April 2010) I was reminded this afternoon why I didn’t become a scientist—keeping track of variables just isn’t my forte. Broke out the newly acquired Automatic 100; installed a battery in it (on loan from my 230); loaded it with a pack of Sepia (which I hadn’t used before); and put a close-up adaptor on the lens. Two minutes later, I peeled back the positive only to discover it was rather dark. At least my mom will like this photo…

169.365 (Senator Dickinson)

(Sunday, 18 April 2010) Senator Dickinson was a local who served in the United States Senate in the mid-1800s. This statue of him is in front of the Broome County Courthouse in Binghamton, New York.

170.365 (Eggs)

(Monday, 19 April 2010) Hadn’t tried my Square Shooter 2 inside yet. I think I’ll stay outside with this camera.

171.365 (Gator on the Loose)

(Tuesday, 20 April 2010) The tools I needed to do some yard work were in the back of the Gator, so of course I had to drive it.

172.365 (OneStep to a PX 100 Tree)

(Wednesday, 21 April 2010) In addition to the Automatic 100 packfilm camera, I also acquired a OneStep. Loaded it with some PX 100 and gave it a try while photographing this lovely tree in front of one of the lodges here at camp.

173.365 (Earth Day)

(Thursday, 22 April 2010) Tonight was the final class of the Master Composter course I took through the Broome County Cornell Cooperative Extension. Thought it was fitting to take a photo of the composting demonstration area.

174.365 (Setting Sun on the Boathouse)

(Friday, 23 April 2010) I loved how the setting sun cast some cool shadows and accentuated the lines of the boathouse this evening.

175.365 (The Tub)

(Saturday, 24 April 2010) My parents have a lot of cool old things around the house, including this cast-iron tub.

17//52 (On Track)

(Saturday, 24 April 2010) A New York Susquehanna and Western dropping some stuff off at the Frito Lay plant in Kirkwood, New York.

176.365 (Working on a Pinhole Project)

(Sunday, 25 April 2010) In honor of it being World Pinhole Photography Day and all, I took a 16mm Pinhole Filmmaking workshop at Spool Mfg. (and awesome art gallery/space in Johnson City, New York.) I used a Bolex movie camera for this first time and then developed the film myself. Nothing came out on the film, but I had a blast anyway. If it had turned out, I’m sure I would have won an Oscar for my film about an SX-70 and OneStep falling in love.

177.365 (A Junco Came to Visit)

(Monday, 26 April 2010) I was under the weather today, so I got to spend a lot of time staring at my bird feeder from the couch. I love how Juncos are perfectly content cleaning up the mess other birds leave beneath the feeders.

178.365 (Arty)

(Tuesday, 27 April 2010) This is Arty. He’s part of a collection of Smurfs from when I was younger.

179.365 (A New Bird)

(Wednesday, 28 April 2010) I found this cool little bird while scouring the local Salvation Army Thrift Store for any new Polaroid cameras.

180.365 (Sepia Sunset)

(Thursday, 29 April 2010) Broke out the Auto 100 so I could dabble some more with the Sepia film. Changed the ASA setting on the camera down to 300 (rather than 3000) and let this set one minute longer than necessary before I peeled it. Hoping that I’ll figure this film out before the supply is depleted…

181.365 (Rush Hour)

(Friday, 30 April 2010) I could tell it was rush hour by the expressions on their faces.

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