Friday, April 9, 2010

Niagara Falls...

Canadian Horseshoe Falls from our Hotel Room (4-7-10)

And the American Falls...

The sky over the falls on Wednesday Morning (4-7-10)

This is where the Horseshoe Falls should be...The shots above were the only real clear shots I was able to get before all the fog and mist rolled in.

Shot from the Skylon Tower

The Bridal Veil falls which is located right next to the American Falls

Behind the Horseshoe Falls on the Journey behind the falls.

Probably my favorite picture out of 128 pictures I took on our trip. That is the Skylon tower in the distance. This was taken from the highest point on the Niagara Sky Wheel.

Keeping with the theme of the trip this is Thursday Morning's fog from our Hotel Room. (4-8-10)

Again from our hotel room, which was on the 29th floor of the Embassy Suites Fallsview.


joan s s said...

those are terrific! right in our backyard, more people should go there.

Sarah said...

I love these foggy pictures, Kevin.